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The team at Elliot James wanted to give our clients, readers and followers a little more insight into our design beliefs and the different types of Interior Design in Singapore.




Residential Design as an opportunity to create more than a place to live, but a home and a lifestyle. To create a home and a lifestyle, a space must function in many ways, offering relaxation and tranquility when required after a long day in this fast paced 21st century city, or be able to energize and inspire when one needs to be creative or focused. A home should be an extension of one’s personality allowing taste and individuality to shine through. Regardless of the scale of a project, Elliot James are meticulous in analyzing the behaviors of a client and how they use a space. Layouts and colour schemes are carefully planned to incorporate all the necessary functions required, such as cosy and intimate for family settings or open plan and spacious for entertainment. Elliot James believe it is important to create depth using textures, fabrics, finishes and accessories, giving a personal, luxurious and timeless space tailored specifically to the client’s needs for years to come.



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Commercial interior design in Singapore offers more freedom to be creative than other Interior design specialisms. It allows the team to push the boundaries and experiment with visuals and finishes that would usually be considered too bold for residential or hospitality design. Elliot James likes to use commercial projects to stretch their creativity and truly create a statement within the sector. Commercial interior design by Elliot James can cover a broad spectrum from retail and showroom design, restaurants and bars, to offices and other corporate interior spaces.

Elliot James understand that designing interiors for hospitality in Singapore is more than just aesthetics. It is an organic process that influences every element of one’s business. It is about creating experiences, destinations and sensations that will add value to each interaction. Passionate about the evolution of interior design and with projects around the world, Elliot James are intimately connected to the local cultures in which we operate – listening closely to clients and partners to create custom, site-specific solutions.



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