A Look At: The Latest Bond Car

If you’re a 007 fan and a follower of the bond films over the last half century, you probably know the secret agent’s history of cool rides better than your parent’s birthday. There’s a long list of classic James Bond cars I’m sure you’d gladly tussle with Jaws to drive, but the latest one is set to be a future 007 icon, the Aston Martin DB10 starring in the new “SPECTRE” movie.

The Aston Martin DB10, one of ten built for the movie (and one of only three to survive the shooting process), is as much a supercar in real-life as it appears to be on screen. It’s smaller than your average Aston Martin coupe, but the sleek body lines and large 20-inch wheels give it as much presence as the brand’s top-end Vanquish.


This is the first time Aston Martin has produced a model specifically for a Bond film, and while it’s not an official production car many of the DB10′s design cues are likely to appear on future Aston Martins. Sam Mendes, director of the new SPECTRE movie, worked closely with Aston Martin Chief Creative Officer Marek Reichman to create the DB10′s super-spy style.

The design was inspired by a shark and features the lowest “nose” ever seen on an Aston Martin vehicle. It’s also got a full clamshell hood, removing all shutlines while giving the DB10 an exceedingly clean appearance. And unlike other modern Aston Martins, the grille is placed below and behind the leading edge of the hood, adding to the car’s sharp profile.


The hood’s “vents” aren’t vents at all, but small holes located exactly where they need to be for maximum engine cooling. Aston Martin’s designers used heat mapping to identify each hole’s location. Under the coupe’s sloping hood is an Aston Martin 4.7-liter V8 hooked to a six-speed manual transmission. The combination provides enough power to hit 60 mph in 4.7 seconds. 



With a love of the latest super cars here in Singapore, I am sure it won’t be long before we hear and then see a number of the DB10s roaring through the CBD

The movie SPECTRE is in theaters from November 5 in Singapore and October 26 in the UK. 

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