Accessorising with decor books


Accessorising can be an art in itself when designing interiors and trying to give a space personality. One way to create warmth and calmness, is to use books to fill up shelving areas,  providing sound insulation as well as making the space looked established and developed. When designing the Quadria offices on Stanley Street we wanted to create a visual statement through the use of books as we had a number of bookcases. The bookcases were finished in a deep blue so we decided to select the entire range of books in various tones of green to give contrast and bring a sense nature from outside, inside.

For the range of books we order 35 feet of old books coverage subjects from architecture, to poetry and classic novels we worked with Decor Books based in the UK. Specialists in Antique books for instant libraries, from home to retail display, they supply UK high street stores, bars and restaurants, hotels, interior designers, set designers, photographers, museums throughout the UK and worldwide. Decor Books provided us with a broad selection of sizes, colours, thicknesses and genres. The subjects of the books were not important for our needs but as a service, they can provide subject specific titles, ideal for offices, hotels and other commercial spaces in need of reading material.  They can even send you images of the selected books for your approval before purchase as well as match your colour palette to closely harmonise with your interior.







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