By Laura Sévin

As an Interior Design (ID) firm, one of the toughest challenges we come across is how to communicate our vision to our clients clearly and accurately. Laura Sévin, one of our fabulous Elliot James ID’s, talks about the importance of using hand sketches to help bring a design to life….

Sketches are visuals we use in every project, they are a fantastic communication tool that help to convey an idea efficiently. While 3D computer sketches like CAD provide us with technical accuracy, at Elliot James we love the human touch and freedom you portray with hand drawings.”

But what’s the actual benefits, I hear you ask? Well, there are are so many positives to doodling away for yourself, the client and even your contractors, I’ve outlined why below:


Preliminary sketches are often rough and more like doodles than masterpieces. There’s no need for them to be accurate or even look that coherent, but to get an idea from your mind onto paper is a great start as it gives shape to the idea, helps you to explore options and develop it into a more solid design.


When discussing a design I love to roughly sketch it out to my colleagues to support my verbal explanation and start to bring the idea to life. It’s also great for getting the creative juices flowing within the team, as they will often add on to my sketch and we begin to form a design idea that is collaborative and innovative.


During site visits, we often need to discuss finer details with our contractors (e.g. joinery), and we find quick on the spot sketches help to clarify a feature instantly.


It is often a challenge to fully convey our design and bespoke furniture ideas to clients in the early stages with just 2D drawings, and it isn’t time effective to create 3D computer drawings.  A 3D perspective sketch is an quicker and effective way to give clients a feel for the intended design. We also feel sketches hold a more personal, stronger style and break out a digital presentation with a softer touch. Additionally, sketches can be tweaked and evolved during a presentation with a client to find the perfect design or furniture for that project.