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The client had purchased his office and took it over in its current state at the time and had never renovated it from scratch. Over a period of years the office became over crowded and cluttered. The space consisted of a private executive office with a partition to separate the two areas of the office. A large office door opened onto a cupboard space that dominated the right side and made it very hard to manoeuvre around the office space. Storage was a major issue for files and stationary equipment.

When Elliot James were employed, the space was stripped back to bare concrete floors and brick walls so we had a blank canvas from which to start again. We wanted to create a sense of light and space within the office And used a light oak finish with simple features and clean lines. We created a very simple, flat ceiling and one black white wall. We then separated the front and back office by way of privy glass allowing light to flood the room from the front windows.
We utilised one entire wall for storage and create a sofa area under the window. By reducing the size of the executive desk we were able to accommodate all the required furniture and equipment but all using more suitable proportions.

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