Boca Do Lobo – through Elliot James

Elliot James are proud to announce that you can now purchase furniture and lighting from the range of brands under Boca Do Lobo, Brabbu, Delightful and Koket all through us. 

Known for their flamboyant style, quality of build and opulent materials Boca Do Lobo and the rest of their portfolio have become market leaders in the high-end furniture arena covering private and residential, commercial and hospitality.  

Boca do Lobo’s innate desire to create exclusive emotional furniture, as art, results in a number of sensational collections with furniture jewellery composed of pieces with distinct personalities which pass on uniqueness and exclusivity. These finishing elements never cease to surprise, and surely never go unnoticed. 


With well known pieces like the the Diamond Emerald side board and Mondrian bar, these items of furniture are all statement pieces within their own right. Using pure bronze for handles and fixtures, the furniture pieces exude luxury and quality.


Each Boca Do Lobo piece reflects a dedication to design, with a unique personality and sophisticated character. With the belief that the elegance and refinement presented in the various collection are timeless, these characteristics of the brand are ingrained in even the smallest aspects through insatiable attention detail.


Boca Do Lobo was created to bring excellence in furniture design. Since 2005 they have been working to share the best Portugal has to offer: the knowledge of its people who design and create furniture art, the tradition of working with the noble material of wood, and the artisans and joiners who create the pieces with their years of wisdom and experience and their love and dedication to the art that they perform. Striving to present admirers with the most innovative designs and highest quality works of art which bring emotion in to their interior environments.

For prices, delivery times and further information, please contact Elliot James via email or phone +65 8499 8885



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