Design Guide: Creating a cosy Christmas home


With December fast approaching and Christmas on the horizon, Elliot James wanted to provide a number of helpful tips on creating a cosy, festive home for the coming month.

By way of a few simple changes, you can take your home from a cool, bright interior suitable for the Asian climate, to a warm, inviting, festive space for the Christmas period. Through the use of texture, lighting and room scents you can make the most tropical of spaces feel like a winter retreat.



Texture is very important in creating a cosy feeling to your room. By swapping out your cool linens and silks for thicker fabrics such as cashmere, furs and wools you will instantly give a layered, inviting look to your room. Introducing a  rug works remarkably well when creating intimate furniture arrangements. The rug can create zones in a space and offer a sense of closeness. Changing up your sisal fibre rug for a thick wool pile rug can make a huge difference to achieving the effect.

Simply changing your cushion covers to similar thicker fabrics can also add a seasonal change to your interior design. More common in the UK with the four seasons, a festive change up to suit the time of year is a popular practice, opting for warmer colours and fabrics for the winter months and cooler linens for the summer. Tartan cushions available from the Elliot James Online Store.





Lighting is a crucial element when creating a cosy environment. For a simple solution, ensure you have warm coloured light bulbs installed in your light fixtures. Neutral and Cool are too cold for a festive look.

Try to incorporate more ambient and mood lighting. Experiment with different directional at objects, some lit from above, other below.

Mood lighting helps to create depth as opposed to flat light from over head sources. Use table and floor lamps rather than spot lights. Make use of your Christmas lights and create a soft glow of an evening. For table lamp ideas take a look at the Elliot James Store.

Another great form of lighting to create a cosy effect is candle light. Candles burn a very warm, yellow light and with its gentle flicker and soft glow can create a very soft, comforting, atmosphere.

Scented candles also contribute hugely to the festive feel of a space. Burning candles with orange, cinnamon and cedar wood will give the home a winter aroma associated with Christmas. Scented candles available online at LuxDeco.



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