Design Guide: Pinterest for Interior Designers

According to Pinterest, it is the place you go to discover new things and collect stuff you love. If you find something online you want to build, cook, buy or do, just Pin It to your board.

Whilst Pinterest has become a valuable tool for so many people and businesses to collate and organize ones thoughts, for Interior designers, Pinterest has become a vital part of our business. Allowing us to create quick and easy mood boards or share our folders with clients are just a couple of key features that are changing the way we work.

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For Elliot James, we use it as a way to showcase our creations, and share with our followers our latest trends. We also use Pinterest to give an insight into our thought processes – individual items grouped together in various folders allow others to get a taste of how we put things together and how a design concept is generated.


Businesses are now able to link directly to products allowing us to showcase items that our visitors can buy. Driving traffic straight to our products has made selling easier than ever. Our viewers can admire our creations and tastes and then directly buy those items for themselves. Not only from a business’ point of view or as a tool to drive traffic for our means, Pinterest is also extremely useful for us as designers to keep up with the competition and admire what other designers and creatives in the industry are doing.

Using features such as ‘secret folders’ are fantastic for the early stages of a project. We are able to create client specific folders where we can gradually build a look for the project. We can incorporate our clients ideas and have them add to the folder ensuring the project is a joint venture, after all, it is their home, office, space that we are creating and it should have their stamp on it too.

With Pinterest’s developments in Apps and ‘Pin it’ buttons, we feel this useful resource will only grow in popularity over the coming years. Whilst sites such as Facebook and Twitter are great for entertainment, Pinterest is becoming a vital platform used as a design tool, whilst at the same time offering a means to grow our business’ social network.

Its no secret that Pinterest is a hugely popular social site and has been for some time but we felt that as such a useful tool, we had to highlight it.

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