A Look At: The Elliot James Summer campaign

Elliot James’ Summer campaign 2014 consists of three different scenes around London, England.


The theme was created to show the different British interior design styles of Elliot James whilst clearly highlighting we are a design firm from the UK. We wanted to take various interior scenes to an exterior setting that is iconic of London but compliments the design stye at the same time.

We wanted to tell the story of a couple at various times of their day or week, interacting with the different interiors; relaxing in a grand, more traditional living room dressed in a relaxed look but retaining an air of sophistication and class. We wanted to accessorise with traditional English pieces such as the tea set or editions of Charles Dickens. The chesterfield sofa was a must.


The second scene was to show the couple in  more formal attire, using a very feminine dressing room, ready for an evening at the opera and enjoying the finer things in life. The gritty background of Shoreditch added a great contrast and contradiction, almost indicating that Elliot James could transform the run down gritty background in to the glamorous, exclusive style of the foreground, transforming the couples lives at the same time.

The third scene is in the place of work. We felt it was very important to show the commercial side of what we do, whilst also allowing the viewer to sympathise with the gentleman. We wanted the business life to relate to Singapore’s work ethic and appreciation for working hard whilst offering style and individuality to ones office. We again had one of London’s most iconic modern buildings with Canary Wharf in the background.

As an interior and furniture designers, we wanted Elliot James’ message to be clear about what we are offering; Our  ‘London to Singapore’ headline made it clear where we are from and who we cater for. ‘Bringing british style to Asian homes’ explains to the viewer we specialise in British interior design.




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