A look At: A house in the country


We’re often asked what makes up British design, this is a tough question to answer and explain exactly what makes this design different. After much discussion, we pinpointed its ability to capture the character of a space, preserve and accentuate its architectural features and compliment the details through layering colour, form, style and texture.

As a visual explanation, we have found this beautiful gatehouse with a modern, 21st century extension designed by architects Founds Associates. This is the perfect example of the character being captured and preserved whilst also accentuated through the use of a contemporary extension.


The key period features of the gatehouse have been preserved and stripped back to their bare essentials, ensuring all architectural details are highlighted. The colour palette has been muted with various grey washes and white walls giving the interior a timeless chic style whilst accentuating the stunning architectural features. The space lends itself perfectly to include a modern day contemporary twist, in this instance by way of a large dramatic painting and modern furniture.


The space has also been cleverly optimised, using the area that would have originally been the main hub of the house and adapted it to 21st Century living as an open plan, simple and modern breakfast room. The extension offers additional bedrooms and larger living areas required by modern day families, whilst taking nothing away from the historic building. The gatehouse has remained the key feature with the architects ensuring that every part of the new build leads the eye back to the old.

We could prattle on all day long about this house, but in summary, British design works very closely with the existing, impressive architecture to ensure the period features and details are kept as the key focus. Furniture, fabrics and decoration must compliment these features but can also be used to help reinterpret the use of the space – ultimately, creating a timeless design that will suit the architecture for many years to come.



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