A Look At: The Lancaster Lighting Company - Elliot James

A Look At: The Lancaster Lighting Company

We would like to announce that Elliot James have teamed up with the amazingly creative team at Lancaster Lighting to carry their products on our online store.

With our aim to promote British industry world wide we have taken extreme care in sourcing a number of British manufacturers to specify their products in a number of our projects. We aim to source products that are in line with the Elliot James style but offer something a little different made with a mark of quality.

Lancaster Lights are a new lighting design company, creating bespoke, customised lighting; Transforming items with British heritage into beautiful and functional lights.

The names of the Lancaster Lights originate from places in Lancashire.  Lancashire has a proud history of industry, where the Lancaster Lights began their working lives. Salesh Kapur, founder of the company and proud Lancastrian, wanted to acknowledge this history as it has helped shaped and inspired his outlook of product and interior design.

To visit the Lancaster website click here

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