The brief was to create an iconic, luxurious design that focused on intimate VIP areas, whilst still keeping a space that flowed naturally. The Club needed to have a memorable and glamorous style, with various exciting and ‘Instagramable’ features. The brief also specified the need for a smaller dance floor to ensure the space always felt full, but was surrounded by deluxe booths to serve the VIP audience the Club wanted to attract.
AVRY is laid out across a thirty meter long footprint that consists of a DJ booth and dance floor, bordered by statement VIP ‘bird cages’, twelve meter long bar and additional private VIP areas towards the back. A velvet curtained sound tunnel links AVRY to the Club’s daily bar, HAIRY CANARY, which features a second DJ both, bar and seating area. The materials ultimately consisted of a grey colour palette and mirrored rose gold metallic detailing. We used a polished concrete floor with a chrome patterned strip inset into the mid grey concrete.  The bar had a rose gold mirrored frontage, with a leather arm rest and tiled top. Bespoke copper wall panels were designed for the curved booth in the middle of the club, and LED panels surround the entire VIP and dance floor walls. We also designed bespoke LED ceiling panels that work in tandem with the LED wall panel design.
When entering AVRY, guests are met with a large glass reception counter that is occupied with up-lit bird cages, suspended above this are 50 white powder-coated steel birds, with an oversized AVRY logo behind the reception counter, set into triangular mirrored glass. AVRY is then entered through a long mirror tunnel that guides patrons from the reception area, through to the Club, as well as providing access to the rest rooms. This iconic tunnel is flanked by floor-to- ceiling light squares, which give the tunnel an ‘Alice in Wonderland’ narrowing perspective, and the combination of lights and mirrors gives the tunnel an infinite feel.