Elliot James were awarded two identical units to design and renovate, one floor above the other. The apartments were purchased by a father and son and both with very different ideas on what they wanted. For Elliot James these were two dream projects using the same floor plan but allowing us to show our range and ability to design two completely different concepts catering to two very different briefs.

For Cuscaden One the client wanted the apartment to be relaxed with a funky, edgy style that would cater for his family when relaxing but be allow for larger gatherings with abundant seating and a very informal, welcoming atmosphere.

The style for the apartment was to be bold but simple. We wanted the apartment to have a clean, monochrome palette throughout to reflect the simplicity in the brief but to also act as a calm, backdrop to the bold shapes, bespoke furniture and exciting commissioned artwork throughout. Every room was given a softness through cushions and upholstery.

We wanted to create a home that the family could grow into. For the daughters room, we designed a mature base from which to personalise through artwork, soft items and accessories. For the boys room, we have given him a playful end through the window seat and bike illustration fabrics on the blinds but allowed for a more focused desk area and shelf where he can keep his gaming consoles.

For the master bedroom, we wanted the bed to be a dominant feature and the room to bold but comfortable by way of the wrapped headboard, low reading lighting and window daybed.


“It has been my pleasure to work with Elliot James for the past 2 years. Their ability to connect with and understand me as a client is second to none. They have delivered high quality in both the design and followed through with implementing the same level of finish. As a team they have delivered perfectly on all areas and thereby given me exactly the home I always wished for. I highly recommend Elliot James and wish you all the best.”

Your Client – Cuscaden One.