Elliot James were awarded two identical units to design and renovate, one floor above the other. The apartments were purchased by a father and son and both with very different ideas on what they wanted. For Elliot James these were two dream projects using the same floor plan but allowing us to show our range and ability to design two completely different concepts catering to two very different briefs.

For Cuscaden Two the client wanted the apartment to be rich, opulent with a mature sense of style. A space that would cater for his family when relaxing but allow for larger gatherings with zonal seating areas for watching TV, conversation and dining whilst retaining a rich and warm atmosphere.

The style for the apartment was to be contemporary with a sense of indulgence and luxury. We wanted the apartment to have a strong finishes with a subtle use of rich metallics.

We wanted to create a home that would wow on arrival and immediately show luxurious, polished surfaces and metallic detailing via the use the brass. For the guest rooms, we designed a mature base with white polished stucco and brash trim contrasting against a walnut background and pop of Hermes orange for detailing.

For the master bedroom, we wanted the bed to be a dominant feature and the room to continue the polished walls and brass elements used throughout. The large leather bed is sat in front of a darker stucco vertical panel flanked by smoked mirrored panels and brass side tables.