For Jervois Mansions, the brief was to take an older walk up condominium with an internal floor space of 2,700 sqft and create a fresh modern look that can sit comfortably within the older features of the space.

Using simple tones and clean lines against a white background the modern furniture stands out with strong form and a contrasting use of materials and fabrics. 

“With generous space, it was important to give every zone space to breath. The dining room is the first room one sees when entering and we wanted this to set the tone for the rest of the house. With a beautiful floating dining table and unique artwork, we didn’t feel the need to clutter the space with objects and furniture.”

The eclectic mix of furniture, lighting and soft furnishes sit easily within the simple, clean backdrop of the apartment. The interior architecture has a simple white base with tiled flooring on the ground floor and parquet flooring on the upper levels. White walls and dark window frames sit quietly in the background, allowing the furniture, accessories and artwork to dominate the foreground.