For this office Elliot James was given a very open brief. It was to look professional but with a sense of fun and surprise. the style chosen was to be a mixture of ultra modern and the classical brought up to the twenty-first century. We wanted to create a clean, luxurious open space using only a selection of materials and then juxtapose the simplicity with traditional detailed pieces such as the antique desks, traditional artwork reworked, and the glamorous chandeliers.

Given that the space was relatively small, it was important to zone the space and divide it between client facing and the main working area of the office. Keeping mindful of the ‘surprise’ element of the brief we decided to create a very private boardroom that could separate these two areas. We created a mirrored cube that appears to float inches off the ground and sits at an irregular angle with the door to the boardroom hidden from view. Once inside the boardroom, the surprises continue with the cladding wallpaper, mirrored table and indulgent leather and gold chairs.

“I wanted the contrast between simplicity and traditional to be extreme and clearly highlighted. The managers’ offices for instance, had to be head and shoulders above the regular desks in terms of luxury, impact and style”