This interior design brief was to renovate a compact accounting office in Singapore. We were required to create a stylish, comfortable office that created a sense of space and light, whilst being creative when planning space for a large executive office and three work stations.

With the need for a large amount of storage to keep files, it was important to utilise every available corner and space within the office. On entering the entire left wall was used for storage cupboards finished in an oak veneer with shadow gap recess to inject a sophisticated, mature detail. The colour palette was kept simple using an oak finish, white and dark grey. Using the simple palette helped to create a clean, open, bright space.

For the executive office we wanted to create a sense of grandeur and sophistication as well as privacy. We used smart privy glass that could frost at the touch of a button and built a luxurious sofa and visitor chairs. To finish off the space we build a large desk with sleek chair and finished the surfaces in marble. Some well chosen accessories added personality to the office.