Senjo Commercial Space by Elliot James Singapore

For this project we wanted to explore the concept of creating an office that is extremely luxurious in finish but also one that could be portable; A space where one could create the office of their dreams but not having to worry about tear down costs or the need to move due to expansion. We wanted to create a unit that could move to different locations and then be added to. The solution was the cube.

From a design point of view we wanted the office to appear simple, clean and slightly industrial. Using mirrors, sheet metal and stark white walls we created a perfect canvas for us to add impact. Finished in florescent orange the cube dominates the entire office space.

On entering the cube we wanted the owner to be transported to another level of luxury and high-end finish so we decided to take influence from the interior of a super yacht with a high gloss teak veneer and mirrored steel. The flooring is marble with silicone instead of grout so it can be removed when dismantling and relocating.

We chose to use a standing adjustable desk with large 75 inch conference tv and B&O speakers. We then have a zero gravity chair to relax in and take in the view and comfortable L shape Flexform sofa for meeting with guests and work colleagues.