In 2013, Elliot James won the contract to design the hospitality suite on behalf of the Singaporean Tourist Board at the Singapore Grand Prix. A 300 square meter suite on the corner of turn one, the suite needed to cater for 150 seated and 180 in total. Over the four day event the suite was used for networking, dinners, fashion show and general entertaining space. As one of the biggest suites at the Formula One event, the space needed to adapt easily for the various scenarios. The final design had to include, bar / chef station, two further chef showcase stations, DJ booth, reception area, food stands and kitchen area.

The theme of the suite was to be eclectic. Elliot James chose a vintage theme and commissioned a local artist to design numerous posters showcasing popular tourist spots promoting the STB. The posters were designed in a vintage style and the suite took on a muted colour palette allowing the posters and Design classic furniture to stand out. Intimate spaces were created using zoning to allow private areas for networking whilst remaining connected to the entire suite.