Feeling bored of your current interior? Looking for some tips on updating your space? Our experts at Elliot James have pulled together some tips which can help you to make some simple but meaningful changes which will have a big impact on your existing interior:


Patterns can date a space very quickly, it’s easy to get fed up of them and if bought from a popular interiors store, there is always the possibility of your interior looking like a carbon copy of many other friend’s homes.

Try limiting your use of patterns and stick to neutral solid colours (particularly for your base palette). If you’re really keen to use patterns, try layering small amounts of patterns through soft furnishings and accessories (cushions, artwork) on top of your neutral solid colour. This is also one area where we’d recommend you try and be individual, find fabric you love and have your own cushions made to give your interior a truly personal touch which you’re less likely to tire of, for an affordable price.


Bright colours are not always easy to combine unless you’re an expert, and cheaper paints, fabrics and accessories in bright colours often lack depth, and can result in your interior looking quite child-like.

Stick to neutral colours such a taupes, greys, creams and beiges for wall finishes and key furnishing (such as sofas, chairs, curtains, blinds, tiles, rugs etc.) which will be timeless and elegant, and then similarly to patterns, layer brighter colours through soft furnishings and accessories. We’d recommend you splash out a little more money on soft furnishing in bold colours, that age-old saying of “you get what you pay for” really applies here, go for different fabrics and ensure you choose rich colours to create a stylish interior.


Although minimalism goes in and out of trend, we believe it’s a way of life. Keep your interior simple and clean, allow your interior to have breathing space, and let each of your furnishings speak for themselves. Not every wall has to be covered in artwork, not every space has to be filled with an item of furniture, and not every surface has to be covered in accessories. Build up your interior over time, and live with big pieces of furniture to help prevent you cluttering your space with furniture you bought all at once in a rush!


Easier said than done, we know! However, It is possible to live in a stylish space whilst still having a family-friendly home. The key here is storage – oversized wardrobes, sideboards and chests create visually striking furniture pieces as well as offering plenty of space to throw the kids/animals toys into when you want to transform the space in an adult zone of an evening. Try to avoid shovelling all the toys in a corner, as it will interrupt the flow of the space no matter how tidy it is, try to put all the toys behind doors.


Make it proportionate, nothing kills an interior like out of proportion furnishings. Get the right sized rug, for example in the living room all the furniture should sits on top of a large rug to help zone that space. For a sofa opt for a larger sofa than a smaller one, large furniture items actually make a space look bigger, not smaller; however, do always be mindful to allow for that valuable breathing room around your furniture so each piece can make an impact. Be sure to measure out all furnishings before purchasing to ensure they sit perfectly within the space.