For those who have followed Elliot James from the beginning you may remember our ad campaign announcing our arrival in Singapore and for those who have come across EJ more recently, we’d love to share a little about our history and where it all started.

We arrived in Singapore in June 2012 and spent the previous six months building the brand and creating a luxury, glamorous approach to our branding and advertising. We wanted to show various styles that Elliot James had been used to producing in the UK whilst injecting a sense of heritage to our very British brand.


We worked with the very talented fashion photographer Konstantin Suslov who had been working on fashion shoots all over the world. Together we decided on three different locations that would typically depict London. From the modern backdrop of the corporate sector at Canary Wharf, to the gritty and funky areas of Shoreditch to the more traditional backdrops of West London we wanted these outdoor backdrops to be the wallpapers for interior design styles. Hiring a number of models and choosing different outfits to show different times of their working day and different social occasions we set the scenes for our eclectic, British style.

Landing in Singapore, we wanted to conjure that feeling of working with luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci and bring a different approach to interior design.