Hear how we describe our style from the owner himself.

We are often asked to describe Elliot James’ style, and I find this a hard questions to answer; quite simply, there is no set formula for every project.

We tend to classify our base style as eclectic contemporary with an incongruous edge (a fancy term – I know), but to be really honest, each project has its own distinct style that reflects the client’s style and personality over ours, and whilst we try to keep our eclectic contemporary edge at the heart of any project, it is also important to us that the space flows for the client and matches their lifestyle.

I’m sure you’re wondering what classifies as eclectic contemporary style with an incongruous edge… Well, essentially we aim to initially create a modern interior, with clean lines boasting a simple colour palette to create a calm and timeless background from which we can begin to add layers of detail.

From there, we add in individual pieces from different periods and styles that compliment each other, including furniture, rugs, lighting and artwork. To us, we like to keep our interiors free of clutter so that these eclectic objects have space to breath and sit in harmony with other pieces. This is also the area where we can really inject the client’s personality and style.

Our final element, the ‘incongruous edge’, is arguably the most fun but also the most difficult to achieve. By its nature, it does not belong with the other elements so injecting that unexpected element needs to be very considered and carefully designed. However, when that incongruous element works, it can create a truly surprising and exciting interior.

An example of us injecting this incongruous edge can be most clearly seen in our latest office project, Epsilon Investments, when we placed a huge floating mirrored steel cube in the middle of the office space, but designed the internal space of the cube based on a period panelled boardroom.