As an interior design consultancy for the high-end, we are finding that most homes need to have numerous bathrooms that outnumber the bedrooms. Our clients couldn’t possibly share a sink or shower with anyone else, let alone a toilet. (written with an air of sarcasm), their master bathroom suite should be exclusively for their personal use, but at the same time their guests should also feel well catered for by having an ensuite of their very own.

Whilst it may seem a little extreme to have more bathrooms than bedrooms, I have to agree with our clients, It is extremely important to be able to offer a personal bathroom for every bedroom as you never realize the importance of that bathroom until you really need to use it and someone else is already in there or there’s a temporary plumbing issue.

I believe that if the kitchen is generally the favourite room of the house, the bathroom is the most important. It is a very private space and should allow the occupier to be relaxed, the space where you start and pretty much finish your day, it is a safe place too, where one can get a rare moment of solitude. With wellbeing, being such a focus today and our reachability via technology being almost 24-7, the bathroom seems to be the one final sanctuary… where one can retreat, have uninterrupted peace for as long as they like. SO for this reason, it is no wonder people want the space to be their own and not share it with anyone else. Apparently, The average person will spend about 1.5 years of his or her lifetime in the bathroom.

Our clients have an extensive tick list for their bathrooms, such as bespoke rain showers with numerous heads that also offer waterfall relaxation features, mood lighting, mist spray , his and her sinks, self filling bathtubs via phone app, regularly piped in room fragrances, atmospheric lighting, soothing music to name a few.

We are currently working with a home automation company that has sensors built in to the light fixtures which will detect the levels of ammonia and inform the housekeeper that there are unpleasant smells coming from the bathroom which need to be dealt with. In one project we have installed Bang & Olufsen speakers in all the bathrooms so the client can listen to his choice of music throughout the home, including the toilet.

We naturally specify a lot of TOTO Washlet toilet systems with remote control. These offer a different level of cleaning, where the user can literally use the toilet, clean, dry and go at the touch of a button. We recently completed an apartment project in Singapore with only three bedrooms but six bathrooms. Master bathroom, two guest room bathrooms, one bathroom for the study, one powder room and one basic bathroom for the maid. This was for a family of two for their weekend crash pad that was due to be used half a dozen weekends per year.

Bathrooms can also add value to a house. We’ve found that a home without a master bedroom suite and adjoining bathroom is worth less on the market. It seems most buyers want a stand out master suite that is exclusively used for the homeowners.

We’re receiving more requests to merge bedrooms and bathrooms. Clients want the luxuries associated with the bathrooms to carry through to the bedrooms and visa versa, such as materials like marble and beautiful brass, nickel or chrome fittings. Chandeliers and crystal wall sconces can add a level of indulgence and opulence to both rooms.

Another trend we are seeing, is the inclusion of the bath in the shower. This is definitely a more recent request but a very practical one. Clients don’t want the shock of getting out of the bath into a colder bathroom, but instead can retain the steam and heat within the enclosure of a shower area.