The Tom Ford Ranch – Elliot James Singapore

If there is one architect whose work requires little in the way of dramatising to reveal its poetic power to a wide audience, it is Tadao Ando. The Japanese minimalist is known for architecture that combines a quiet atmosphere with bold, almost theatrical forms in exposed concrete, his most iconic works packing a visceral punch that is arguably unparalleled in contemporary design.

Despite this fact, the estate agent in charge of selling Tom Ford’s Ando-designed Cerro Pelon Ranch has cranked up the drama to even more epic levels in his recent movie, designed to capture the imagination and the heart of potential buyers. Kevin Bobolsky has pulled out all the stops to promote this striking residence, now on the market for a reported $75 million dollars.

The trailer shows how the residence simultaneously contrasts and sits in harmony with its stunning natural context, the rolling plains of the Galisteo Basin in Santa Fe County. The plot is truly vast, including 20,662 acres (32 square miles) of land — some 10 square miles larger than the entire Manhattan Island.

The price is steep, but it’s worth bearing in mind that the sale includes four further Radziner-designed buildings — each containing staff quarters — together with multiple warehouses for ranch equipment and a private air strip and hangar. There is also a second Tadao Ando–designed compound planned for the ranch.