A Look At: Work inspiring interiors

Whilst reading an article on office branding and how your surroundings should inspire you, I wanted to consider how we work at Elliot James.

In a business that requires me to be out of the office 70% of the time, I often need to find a quiet, wi-fi friendly spot to work for a spare hour. Commonly, workers tend to use un-inspiring coffee shops or basic restaurants but having the freedom to work from anywhere can and should be taken advantage of!

With so many amazing hotels and interior spaces in Singapore, I take the opportunities to get inspiration by surround myself with design. One’s best creativity is never going to come from sitting in a room staring at four blank walls (or the interior of the nearest coffee shop). Two to three times a week, I try to work from hotels, even if they’re not relevant to the type of project i’m working on at that moment. It offers me time to think outside the box and take elements that work in one sector of design and apply it to another.

I find particularly working from hotels offers great opportunities to people watch. Observing their moods, human interaction, how they use the hotel space, their preferences on where and how to sit, as well as how the interiors are interacted with in different social situations – formal vs. informal.

I also enjoy that hotels with a polished finish, whether it be a tranquil Balinese lobby or the high end marble/mirrored finish of the Fullerton Bay Hotel, conjure a feeling of being special and important but also relaxed and tranquil. A perfect harmony that I always try to emulate in each Elliot James project.

So, next time you’re out of the office and needing a coffee or a pit stop to respond to a few emails, rather than the nearest Starbucks, venture in to one of the many beautiful hotels around Singapore and feel inspired!

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