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Labelled the ‘Creators of Luxury Lifestyles’, our design process ventures beyond the creation of exquisitely finished interiors. At Elliot James Interiors, we believe true luxury lies in creating a space uniquely designed for you, your lifestyle and your needs. We strive to create interiors that feel warm and intuitive, comfortably accommodate the day-to-day rhythm of your life and anticipate every need or desire.

Luxury, for us, has many forms. It could be reconfiguring the property layout to make space for indoor-outdoor living, where families can mingle, kids can happily run around, play and make memories. Luxury has bespoke furniture and custom joinery that best uses the available space while thoughtfully complimenting the family heirlooms. For some of our clients, the true luxury is working with a company they can trust and rely on.

Whatever your definition of luxury interior design, our team is here to help you create the home you have always dreamed of having.


For a full end to end service for our clients and through the collaboration with our extensive network we can assist in the search for the ideal property and advise on its potential for expansion, appreciation and areas to add value as well as ensure the real estate is suitable for the buyers needs.


Accomplished in structural alteration and adaptive reuse, we remodel, reconfigure and readjust to create an interior layout that makes the best possible use of the available space and enhances the key features of your property.


Creating multifaceted, functional yet luxurious interiors is a common theme across our projects. Great interiors bring together design and architectural elements to create a space which is beautiful throughout.

Interior Design


with our team of lighting designers and extensive network of lighting suppliers from museum lighting and art gallery specialists to bespoke chandeliers and custom made pieces, we can create full immersive lighting designs and home automation configurations


Combining cutting edge technology with time-honoured craft. We provide turn-key solutions from the initial sketches and material selection, to the manufacture and installation, to create unique pieces of furniture designed exclusively for you.



through our network and extensive travels throughout the world, Elliot James has developed incredible relationships with some of the worlds most sought after artists, photographers and craftsman allowing us to procure, curate and commission unique pieces from around the globe. We offer a full inhouse art sourcing and curation service where clients can engage our team purely for the acquring of rare and collectible items of value.


Giving interiors a final layer of personality and lustre, the interior styling goes beyond accessorizing the space. Our designers strive to inject each room with your personality, character and style while enhancing the overall aesthetic.



Photorealistic 3D renders and animations, give our clients a better understanding of the design proportions while allowing them to fully immerse themselves in the space - even before it is built.

3D Visualisation


We meticulously source, quality check and specify all furniture, fixtures and equipment for our projects. Our global network of hand-selected partners share our appreciation for craftsmanship, unrivalled quality and cutting-edge technology.


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